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World Tea Conference + Expo 2020
Conference: June 8-11, 2020
Exhibit Hall: June 10-11, 2020
Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

Thank you for your interest in speaking at World Tea Conference + Expo 2020. The speaker proposal form for World Tea Conference + Expo 2020 is live.

The World Tea Conference + Expo content team curates programming and speakers for each educational opportunity based on a combination of research, recommendations, input from education committees, and speaker proposals. At the end of any proposal submission window, we summon our editorial power, combined knowledge, and industry expertise to create impactful educational programming and speaking opportunities to help grow and contribute to the success of the tea industry.

Please Note:

  • You will hear from our team if you are invited to participate in educational programming. You will also be notified if your proposal is not accepted.
  • Speakers and presentation ideas are selected on a rolling basis for each show (there is no set date that you will hear from us if your idea is selected).
  • Proposals sent to individual emails outside of the proposal process may not be answered.
  • Presenters should not give sales pitches during education sessions and may not hand out marketing materials or product samples to the audience. (Educational worksheets/session summaries and resources are okay).
  • We do not provide audience contact information. If you are a speaker at Expo, you may ask your audience for business cards/request to personally connect with them after your session.
  • We do not provide audience contact information. If you are a speaker at Expo, you may ask your audience for business cards/request to personally connect with them after your session.
  • We often record presentations and make educational content available to attendee’s post-show (
  • As a speaker, your session may be recorded or photographed.
  • Sponsorship and underwriting of World Tea conference programs does not include speaking. Sponsorship and underwriting, however, do not exclude individuals from your organization from making educational presentations should their expertise be the perfect fit for audience and programming needs. Editorial decision-making and content creation are separate from sponsorship/underwriting opportunities.
  • If you are an exhibitor interested in sponsoring custom programs or would like to host your own exhibitor presentations and education sessions, please contact your account manager.

World Tea Conference + Expo will supply each speaker with a speaker's handbook that will have deadlines and forms for each requirement to be a speaker. Upon receipt of this handbook you are required to sign and return acknowledgement of the handbook and then meet those deadlines.

Topics must match your presentation. Make it clear and simple but compelling. Make it pop! But keep it simple and to the point.

We require at least 2 references from within the tea industry to verify your experience on your subject matter as well as speaking ability.

Attach any articles, media, etc. documenting your expertise as it pertains to your Session Proposal.

Please provide a breakdown of any costs associated with your session.

We may ask you to be available for a phone interview with the Conference Manager prior to accepting your proposal

Please indicate the level you prefer to present your topic to i.e.; (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)

This is a professional B2B conference and we only use qualified speakers with current and engaging topics that fit into the following tracks:

  • Trends & Opportunities
  • Marketing & Retailer Skills
  • Diverse Tea Business Topics
  • Culinary, Hospitality, Food Service
  • Social, Ethical & Environmental
  • Current Issues: Fireside Chats
  • Tea Science, Technical & Regulatory
  • Herbal
  • Other (WE Love New Ideas!)

We will close speaker submissions for World Tea Conference + Expo 2020 on Monday, October 14, 2019.

If you have questions regarding your submission please contact Faith Bailes, Community & Conference Content Manager at

Thank you,
The World Tea Conference + Expo Content Team

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